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smsc_timeout, is it possible to turn it off ?

From: Krzysztof Śniadoch
Subject: smsc_timeout, is it possible to turn it off ?
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 21:55:59 +0200
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I hope you guys will help me out with this, because I'm really out of ideas :/
Ok, here's the issue. I need my nokia to send messages as quickly as it is 
possible, my current configuration is: (nokia 6021 + CA-42 USB cable)
port = /dev/ttyUSB0
model = 6510
initlength = default
connection = dku5
smsc_timeout = 13
use_locking = no

$ echo "this is a test message that needs to be quickly delivered" | 
gnokii --sendsms XXXXXXXXX

takes ~20 seconds

but when changing smsc_timeout to 2, gnokii sends the message in ~ 7 seconds, 
BUT returns 'SMS Send failed (Command timed out.)' with return code 11

The reason of this, as I suspect, is long waiting for the response from the 
SMSC confirming that it received the message, so all works like this:
1. gnokii sends the message
2. gnokii waiting for confirmation
3. gnokii is exiting to the shell with 0 code (all is OK)

and I need to:
1. gnokii sends the message
2. gnokii is exiting to the shell with 0 code (all is OK)

without waiting for the long confirmation from the SMSC.
Is it possible to exclude that waiting form gnokii work process?

As I said, I can shorten the time by setting the smsc_timeout to 1 or 2, BUT 
then gnokii returns error (however message is delivered correctly) and I need 
it returns 0 code (all is OK) - my softrware depends on that returned 
value :/

So, all in all, my question is:
Is it possible to turn off the SMSC confirmation waiting so that gnokii could 
exit to shell as quick as possible ?
Just need gnokii to send sms very quickly ...

Really appreciate any help.


Krzysztof Śniadoch <krzysiek at> - Information Technology - Dział Hostingu
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