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Re: smsc_timeout, is it possible to turn it off ?

From: Krzysztof Śniadoch
Subject: Re: smsc_timeout, is it possible to turn it off ?
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 00:30:08 +0200
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Dnia poniedzialek, 14 maja 2007 22:33, Daniele Forsi napisal:
> Krzysztof Śniadoch wrote:
> > I need to:
> > 1. gnokii sends the message
> > 2. gnokii is exiting to the shell with 0 code (all is OK)
> >
> > without waiting for the long confirmation from the SMSC.
> if you don't wait for confirmation you'll never know if your message was
> sent

Thanks Daniele for your respond, you're right, but as I've noticed, it's quite 
rare when message isn't send, so the confirmation only confirms something 
that is almost always true.

> > I need it returns 0 code (all is OK) - my softrware depends on that
> > returned value :/
> if you don't care about errors why don't you make your software ignore
> them?

I care about errors, I need to know is everything (except the timeout) ok 
while the message is sending.
I just need to somehow kick out the whole 'confirm' procedure :PP All errors 
except timeout are important.

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