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Re: Nokia 6060 with gnokiid

From: Yury Bulka
Subject: Re: Nokia 6060 with gnokiid
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2007 00:00:25 +0300

> Try directly with minicom.
Tried, it looks like modem (or phone) is not respoding:(

> It may me the case that incorrect driver gets loaded. Or even your OS
> does not support your cable.
I tried this with gnokii on Linux and several apps from cable driver cd
on Windows. All have the same behavior: getting sms/contacts/etc. from
the phone work great, but dialing doesn't.

While searching i've found the following:

Note this: "Without knowing the MBUS-Protocol, it is not possible to
build a cable. Thats why most sold non-original 6210/7110 cables are
DAU9-clones, and will only work with SMS, graphics and ringtones but not
with data connections."

It looks like my cable is non-original cable:)
So, i need another cable...or a software component that will emulate the
MBUS protocol. Maybe gnokiid?

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