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Nokia 6600

From: Mike Mota
Subject: Nokia 6600
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 16:14:17 -0500

HI, I hope someone can help me…


I’m using the next _gnokiirc file to open a connection to my nokia 6600:



port = 00:0E:6D:CC:C9:A3

model = series60

initlength = default

connection = bluetooth

use_locking = no

serial_baudrate = 19200

handshake = software

rfcomm_channel = 14

smsc_timeout = 10


debug = on

rlpdebug = on

xdebug = on


I execute the gnapplet on the phone and it shows:


Gnapplet started

 rCOMM: on

rf COMM: on, Ch#14

timeout: 10 sec/5 sec


but when I run the command

gnokii –identify


I got the next results:


GNOKII Version 0.6.21

LOG: debug mask is 0x1

LOG: rlpdebug mask is 0x1

LOG: xdebug mask is 0x1

Config read from file C:\Documents and Settings\MikeM\_gnokii

phone instance config:

model: series60

port_device: 00:0E:6D:CC:C9:A3

connection_type: 5

init_length: 0

serial_baudrate: 19200

serial_write_usleep: -1

hardware_handshake: 0

require_dcd: 0

smsc_timeout: 100



rfcomm_cn: 14

sm_retry: off


Serial device: opening device 00:0E:6D:CC:C9:A3

socket: Result too large

Failed to connect to bluetooth socket

Couldn't open PHONET device: Result too large

Error in link initialisation: 1

Telephone interface init failed: Command failed.


Command failed.


I’m really new with this kind of stuff, can anyone help me?



Miguel Mota



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