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Re: GSM Cell info

From: Jari Turkia
Subject: Re: GSM Cell info
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 11:58:28 +0300
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Bastien Nocera wrote:
I was looking at whether gnokii could provide info allowing me to use:
to determine a location.

But it seems that I can't get any useful network information with my
Network      : unknown (unknown)
Network code : undefined
LAC          : 0000
Cell id      : 0000

# gnokii --getnetworkinfo
GNOKII Version 0.6.25
Network      : Elisa (Finland)
Network code : 244 05
LAC          : 13ec
Cell id      : f2c8

That is on my old 6210.

Jari Turkia

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