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Want Help on Nokia Fbus!!!

From: Nazmus Sakib
Subject: Want Help on Nokia Fbus!!!
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 14:17:22 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry for Disturbing you.
I am a STD of EEE & I am in trouble with my final year project.
I am doing a project using AT command in 6680 phone.I can simulate my project 
using Proteus_7.1 interfacing my 6680 with a microcontroller virtually.
Here I am using the RX,TX & GND pin of Nokia POP Port connected via USB 
including Nokia connectivity cable driver.

But the problem is, I cant communicate with my 6680 by microcontroller in real 
time.Here I need to active the POP Ports RX TX pin (FBus) without Nokia cable 
Driver.Is there any command to enabe the FBUS???
I know that for Nokia 3310 I need to send 128 times 'U' char that is 0x55 in 
HEX to initialize FBUS.But I dont know the FBUS activation command for my Nokia 
PLZ help me out on this problem.Thanx.

1.Whenever I connect my 6680 to PC via USB then i see a sign of USB connection 
in my 6680 screen due to cable driver.
2. But this sign does not appear when I connect the phone with microcontroller.

Very sorry for my bad English.


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