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Re: Want Help on Nokia Fbus!!!

From: export
Subject: Re: Want Help on Nokia Fbus!!!
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 12:22:12 +0200

You must discover the protocol first.
For this you 
need  to capture communication with any serial sniffer.
For example Portmon

Or did you already succeed with your task?
Good luck!

On 7 Aug 2008 at 14:17, Nazmus Sakib wrote:

> Hello.
> Sorry for Disturbing you.
> I am a STD of EEE & I am in trouble with my final year project.
> I am doing a project using AT command in 6680 phone.I can simulate my project 
> using Proteus_7.1 interfacing my 6680 with a microcontroller virtually.
> Here I am using the RX,TX & GND pin of Nokia POP Port connected via USB 
> including Nokia connectivity cable driver.
> But the problem is, I cant communicate with my 6680 by microcontroller in 
> real time.Here I need to active the POP Ports RX TX pin (FBus) without Nokia 
> cable Driver.Is there any command to enabe the FBUS???
> I know that for Nokia 3310 I need to send 128 times 'U' char that is 0x55 in 
> HEX to initialize FBUS.But I dont know the FBUS activation command for my 
> Nokia 6680.
> PLZ help me out on this problem.Thanx.
> Note:
> 1.Whenever I connect my 6680 to PC via USB then i see a sign of USB 
> connection in my 6680 screen due to cable driver.
> 2. But this sign does not appear when I connect the phone with 
> microcontroller.
> Very sorry for my bad English.
> .::sakibnaz::
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