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gnokii 0.6.27

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: gnokii 0.6.27
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 09:24:20 +0200


There's been quite a long time since the previous release and it's
been a time of quite intensive development for gnokii. Not everything
is finished yet and polished to the degree I'd like to see but I
really think it is a good time to release it now.

First of all there's been fix a encoding regression that existed for
some time and went unnoticed through few last gnokii releases. If you
had problems with gnokii not correctly decoding phonebook, calendar,
sms or whatever you should upgrade. That should fix also problems with
other apps using libgnokii regarding encoding issues: I am aware of
bug reports against opensync. I remember also someone with
gnome-phone-manages mentioning similiar problems.

Second, if you own Nokia from Series40 3rd Edition or later (refer to to check your device version) and
you suffered from being unable to read SMS you should give a try. For
now just mobile terminated messages (ie. Inbox in most cases) are
supported, but mobile originated messages support is on its way.

Other highlights of this release contain:
 - portability fixes for MacOS X (not fully finished yet), win32,
FreeBSD (dku2libusb compatibility)
 - support for new memory types that are present in modern phones:
status reports, drafts, outbox with items waiting to be sent
 - better conversion functions for vCards
 - implement bluetooth channel autodetection (code heavily based on
 - fixes to call divert handling
 - we started process of removing hadrcoded limits (like for a number
of files in a folder) to dynamically allocated resources
 - numerous fixes in AT driver that should affect: Sony Ericssons,
Samsungs, Sagems
 - other bugfixes and updates -- see Changelog for more details

Download from:

take care,
Pawel Kot

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