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From: Dinesh Shah
Subject: Re: SMS on CDMA USB/PCMCIA Data Cards
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 00:03:06 +0530

Dear Daniele,

Thanks for your detailed response.

I have initiated communication with Qualcomm and Huawei to get their proprietory Extended AT command set. Huawei has already declined to part any info. I am still waiting for Qualcomm to respond.

In any case, now I will go ahead with my project in Nokia and deal with CDMA data cards later. However, they are more attractive in term of cost and other factors.

If all talks with OEM fails, I will start reverse engineering their windows software.

Thanks once again for all your help and support.
With regards,
--Dinesh Shah :-)
Shah Micro System
Sent from iPhone!

On 29-Nov-08, at 20:15, "Daniele Forsi" <address@hidden> wrote:

2008/11/23 Dinesh Shah (દિનેશ શાહ/दिनेश शाह) wrote:

read : [AT+CMEE=1<cr><cr><lf>ERROR<cr><lf>]

this is bad because we won't receive detailed error messages so gnokii
will only print "Unknown error [...]"

read : [AT+CSCS?<cr><cr><lf>ERROR<cr><lf>]

read : [AT+CSCS=?<cr><cr><lf>ERROR<cr><lf>]

these two are worse because we can't get the current charset and we
can't set one, but I don't know the details of text mode

As you can see, the device does not support PDU mode. What are the
alternatives? Does Gnokii support Text mode?

gnokii doesn't support Text mode yet

How can I turn on the
Text mode in Gnokii?

since text mode can be used with several phones, at first I would
handle it in commons/phones/atgen.c only, then if we need something
specific to CDMA or to Huawei, we can add it into new source files

I think the only functions that need to be aware of text mode are
AT_WriteSMS(), which handles both writing and sending, and AT_GetSMS()
which handles reading

in those functions I would move most of the code after the call to
AT_SetPDUMode() to separate helper functions that only handle PDU (eg.
AT_WriteSMSPDU and AT_GetSMSPDU or maybe this isn't needed), create
new functions to handle the text mode (eg. AT_WriteSMSTEXT and
AT_GetSMSTEXT) and add the logic to choose PDU or Text in
AT_WriteSMS() and AT_GetSMS()
this logic could be: if setting PDU fails, then try TEXT, if this
fails too then abort

Daniele Forsi
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