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Re: phonebook on nokia 5310

From: yahoo-pier_andreit
Subject: Re: phonebook on nokia 5310
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 14:18:18 +0100
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Pawel Kot ha scritto:

> If it stops here, it indicated faulty cable (or not supported by OS).
> Or incorrect device file.

you was right!!!!!!!! I tryed connecting using bluetooth,

using this config:
port = 00:1F:01:62:YY:XX
model = series60
initlength = default
connection = bluetooth
use_locking = no
serial_baudrate = 19200
#handshake = software
smsc_timeout = 10

and obtained this!!!!!!!!!
address@hidden:~> gnokii --getphonebook ME 1 3 2> /dev/null
1. Nome: 3G Info K[Tel info] 3g Mio
3g Mio 3G Info K[Tel info]
Caller group: Nessuno
Numero generale: 133
Email: address@hidden   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-))))))))))))<
2. Nome: Aci Info [tel info]
Aci Info [tel info]
Caller group: Nessuno
Numero generale: 803116
Email: address@hidden   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-))))))))))))<
3. Nome: Prova address@hidden Km
address@hidden Km Prova
Caller group: Nessuno
Numero generale: 8*123654789*0#
Email: address@hidden

I dont know why the fucking cable is not a normal usb cable but this
seems :-)

well, next question will be how to write this informations (taken by a
csv file) in this damned nokia 5310 xpressmusic!!!!
bye and thanks again.

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