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Re: Question using gnokii under windows...

From: Axel Kowald
Subject: Re: Question using gnokii under windows...
Date: 31 Jan 2009 10:55:12 +0100
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> Currently I have a Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone (XDA Orbit) and the questions
> is: Does it work?
Well, you should know it. If you have the phone and gnokii installed
just give it a try
I did, and there was no connection with gnokii --identify (initialization failed). I used "port = com1:", "model = AT" and "connection = serial", but I was using my standard USB cable.

So is there anybody who has successfully connected to a Windows Mobile Phone 
using gnokii ?

I thought I could use model=AT, but I read that the AT modus is not
supported for  the windows port.

That is not true. Where did you read it?
On it says:
"The graphical X version, the AT-emulator and virtual device are not ported to Win32. "


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