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Re: Gnokii receive

From: Alejandro García
Subject: Re: Gnokii receive
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 01:28:56 +1930

Hi again. My problem is using libgnokii to build my program. Here is the thing:  i dont want to have to know the memory location of the sms to read it  and in the RZR motorola the positions are not standar i mean the positions are like 4199  4207 and not continues, so i wanted to know if there is any way that i can read a folder and i can obtain the locations of the SMSs (cause i see that the gn_sms_folder struct have an array of locations  that array is fill at any time?? ). 

I really need to now this i have read everithing in the forums and google and i dont know how to do it. the problem is that now i cannot read cause in order to be able to read i have to know what memory locations i i'm going to read  but the locations are not standard locations like i said  so in conclusion i cannot read the SMSs

if anyone can help me i would aprettiate it.


2009/3/20 Alejandro García <address@hidden>
Hii  im new using Gnokii.  im tryng to receive sms with my motorola v3 RZR.  i'm able to read sms  in my program but just indicating the memory position,  i want to read all the sms without having to know the memory position because in the RZR for example are numbers like 4219 an so.. that are not easy to guess.

i saw a matrix in the gn_data  wit the name message_list. With wich function can i fill that matrix so i can see all the messages from one folder for example and not having to read one by one and having to know the memory position.

I would aprettiate please if anyone can answer me, i know maybe is a dum question for some of you but like i said im new  and i didn't find anything in the faqs  or in the forums.


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