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Re: another error when gnokii --getsms

From: Vieri
Subject: Re: another error when gnokii --getsms
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:32:29 -0700 (PDT)

--- On Thu, 8/13/09, Daniele Forsi <address@hidden> wrote:

> I'm going to explain the gory details
> of this error. I have a
> diagnosis but not a cure.

Please consider it as an important bug because it is currently eating up almost 
all my SM memory positions. Currently, I have positions SM 1 to SM 25 "blocked" 
by these "confirmation reports" (or at least that's what they seem to be). 
That's because I --sendsms with the -r option. I guess that I would not have 
this issue if I didn't use the -r parameter but I'm not sure.
Anyway, the confirmation report (-r) is extremely useful.

I can send you more debug outputs of the other SM locations if you wish. Please 
let me know.




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