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Re: gnokii hang after it says "General Data Coding"

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: gnokii hang after it says "General Data Coding"
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:45:34 +0200

2009/8/20 Razor:

> I have tried the version of 0.6.28cvs.
> The gnokii don't hang anymore. But the SMS I received on the phone is
> unreadable.
> For example, The UTF-8 character I send is 0xef 0xbd 0x9e. In the
> sending frame, it convert to 00EF00BD009E. Is it wrong? Looks like it
> doesn't convert to UCS2, only add 00 to pad one byte to two byte?

I can't write or read Chinese, but comparing with a character map,
gnokii seems to do the right thing for me with this command
$ php -r "echo chr(0xef).chr(0xbd).chr(0x9e);" | gnokii --phone fake --sendsms 1
user_data: FF5E

make sure that you compiled gnokii with iconv support:
look in your config.log for "checking for iconv" and "checking for
working iconv", both should show "result: yes"

you don't need to force a specific UTF-8 encoding (unless you need it
for i18n or l10n), it doesn't have to be UTF-8 either, it only needs
to have the characters you are going to use, iconv should handle it

you can add a "--phone" section to you gnokiirc to avoid sending SMS
for real until you are satisfied, I added
connection = serial
port = ignored
model = fake

and I can use it with: gnokii --phone fake --sendsms ...
Daniele Forsi

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