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Nokia 6300 working functionality

From: Victor Engmark
Subject: Nokia 6300 working functionality
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 14:01:21 +0200
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Hi all,

I've tested gnokii with a Nokia 6300 extensively using a Bash script
(disclaimer: I wrote it), so I'm absolutely sure that deletephonebook
and writephonebook work, with a few caveats:
* If two actions (e.g., deletephonebook followed by writephonebook) are
run shortly after each other, gnokii will sometimes report that the unit
is busy, and exit. Can this be safely avoided somehow?
* writephonebook correctly stores vCard properties TEL (with their
types), EMAIL, NOTE and FN (stored in the phone's "Last name" field). It
does *not* store N, NICKNAME, PHOTO, URL, ADR, ORG, BDAY, TZ, GEO, or
CATEGORIES. Does anyone have tips for updating the code to handle these?
I'm mostly familiar with shell and Python programming.
* writephonebook always exits with error code 20 *after* finishing. Can
anyone explain why?

Could someone please update the wiki page
<> or give me write
access there? My user name is l0b0 (that's zeroes, not Os)

Victor Engmark

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