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Re: Queries on gnokii-FBus.

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Queries on gnokii-FBus.
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 15:18:08 +0100

Hi Ajay,

On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 09:53,  <address@hidden> wrote:
> I couldn’t find answers to the questions given below J
> I apologize for the length and number of questions!

No problem. As long as these are sane questions we have no problem
with answering.
I've changed a bit the order of the questions so the answering gets easier.

> I am talking in the context of Bluetooth!

There's not much of a difference between bluetooth and serial.

> 8. Are there versions in F-Bus? Any specifications document available for
> F-BUS?

FBUS is Nokia proprietary protocol. All documentation gathered can be
found in gnokii documentation and source code. There is no official
public documentation. And everything documented is based on reverse
engineering. And it is certainly not complete.

> 1. How to authentically say that this nokia mobile model supports F-Bus?
>    For example new model X2-00 is supported by gnokii with model = 6250
>    in config file. Is there any command/F-Bus-message sent to mobile in
>    response to which, would indicate that this mobile supports nokia F-Bus?

There's no easy way. When the phones are based on the same OS (as
Series40 3rd Edition) all of them have the same capabilities. We're
trying to collect this information (it's in common/misc.c in the
source code) but it is far from being complete. We are not aware of
any "get capabilities" command.

> 2. What are the functionalities/features/operations possible using nokia
> F-Bus?
>    I am able to read/write/delete contacts information in X2-00.
>    I could see IMEI, alarm, model RM-618 (NOT X2-00), calender, NOT able to
>    read/write/delete sms. How can I find, which F-Bus features are supported 
> by
>    a particular model over F-Bus?

That's being found out with "try-and-see" thing. Again, what we've
collected so far is in common/misc.c file.

> 3. what are the APIs exposed by gnokii library for F-Bus? How to run 'testit'
>    with a different config file? What all does testit do?

The backend (fbus, at, ...) does not influence API. libgnokii is the
abstraction layer for that. See include/gnokii.h and
include/gnokii/*.h for all the exposed structures and functions.
testit is our internal test suite for regression testing.

> 4. From configuration file and parts of source code, I could understand that
>    apart from F-Bus, gnokii supports m/m2bus, cbus, AT, gnapplet, symbian
>    protocols, How to distinguiesh F-Bus messages / options / commands /
>    features / functions from others?

I do not understand the question. What and why would you like to distinguish?

> 5. I could observe that gnokii supports MySQL and PostgreSQL Database as
>    backend. Can it also store in plain text with some specific format without
>    such database support, I can see we can store phone contacts as ; separated
>    fields, is this facility available for other storage like sms / calendar /
>    ringtone...etc?

It's not gnokii. It's smsd with mysql/postgresql backends. It has also
file backend. Please refer to smsd documentation. I'm not sure what
would be the use of db backend for calendar or ringtone.

> 6. I am more interested in communicating over bluetooth using FBus mode, how
>    does these lines from config file affect?
> # If you use dlr3 or dlr3p cable for nokia phones in FBUS mode (ie.
> # you don't use model = AT) you may want to use 'dlr3p' value here.
> # Note that it is recommended and currently the best way to use this
> # cable with nk6510 driver.

For bluetooth you need to use "bluetooth" value for connection.

> 7. Explain this from configuration file of gnokii.
> # Set this to 1 if you want to break your phone with xgnokii. Works only
> # with few Nokia models and FBUS communication.
> [xgnokii]
> allow_breakage = 0

There were reports of xgnokii breaking some phone models. We didn't
find the reason for that.

> 9. gnokii --identify reads mobile model from configuration, isn't there a way 
> to
>    let the mobile tell us what model it is?

No. It reads it from the phone.

Pawel Kot

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