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Let's update the wiki

From: Olivier Cailloux
Subject: Let's update the wiki
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 22:57:57 +0100
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I tested gnokii with my Nokia N97 phone and happened to make a few things work, but not what I wanted to. I had read in the doc that only a small subset of features were supported on Symbian OS 3rd edition, but I didn't knew which features so I wanted to test for myself (I only wanted phonebook export and was hoping that it would lie in the "small subset of features"). I thought I could update the wiki a bit because it could be made more clear so that people do not waste too much time.

Can I have write access? (My account: Olivier.)

BTW, can anybody point me to a list of what is supposed to work and what not with a Symbian ed3? Again, that would save time for your users and also for the support (avoiding some unuseful questions).

Last but not least, and I'm sorry for that boring question but I can't help but asking: is there something planned about supporting 3rd edition?

Thanks a lot.

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