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Re: Let's update the wiki

From: Olivier Cailloux
Subject: Re: Let's update the wiki
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 14:16:52 +0100
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Le 27/02/2011 10:48, Pawel Kot a écrit :
Few notes.
I guess it would be beneficial to have the same structure for N95 as
for N73. And I'm pretty sure --sendsms works. And it ain't good
testing with 1-year old version. Although should make no difference in
this case. But still.
I just wanted to share the results of the few tests I did. Although not as complete as they could have been, I think these tests results are worth being published as is (better than nothing). Also they also can help a user troubleshoot a few possible use cases (e.g. I had troubles finding the right port to use until I thought about selecting PC Suite mode on the phone).

The version I used is the one distributed with Ubuntu last long-term support version. It might reflect what some linux user would use (not everybody is ready to recompile a software on his linux box).
What you've added is redundant for me. We have already:
"only a small subset of AT commands (this is the case of Windows
Mobile phones, iPhone, Symbian 3rd Edition phones and probably
"model = AT, for all other Nokia models."
"If you have a Nokia phone using Symbian series 60 3rd Edition, you
may try the AT model but features are very limited (see Known
is redundant for me. Don't you think? I'd better improve wording of
one of the previous ones.
Ok, changed.

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