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gnokii and Nokia 2330c: update

From: Roberto Verzola
Subject: gnokii and Nokia 2330c: update
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2011 14:14:20 +0800
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After trying versions 0.6.29, 0.6.30 and 0.6.31git, I managed to get gnokii-0.6.30 to work with my Nokia 2330c through a bluetooth connection via a usb port under Kubuntu 8.04.

Unfortunately, I didn't take detailed notes about everything I did. But essentially, I followed to the letter the Hints for Ubuntu users in the INSTALL file, which contained a long list of files to download. Then I did the usual ./configure; make; make install.

make install returned errors, but the compiled code seems to run at least some of the gnokii commands. Gnokii still issues warnings about not finding some config files, but I have tried --version, -getphonebook, --getnetworkinfo, and --getsms commands successfully.

More later...


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