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RE: writecalendar and recurrences

From: gnokii
Subject: RE: writecalendar and recurrences
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 13:20:55 +0530

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> Sent: 12 May 2011 17:17
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> Subject: RE: writecalendar and recurrences

> Hello :-)
> Done as an awk script and posted at (sorry about the 
> wrapping) 
> ipt-to-filter-an-orage-export-ics-file-for-gnokii-to-write-to-
> nokia-series-40-3814/
> As it says there, "It is at proof of concept stage with 
> limited functionality and verbose debugging".  It has passed 
> basic testing and I will be using it regularly for further testing.
> Comments and suggestions about prioritising the enhancements 
> are welcome.

Hello :-) 

Now updated with support for BYDAY recurrence and with minor refinements
(same blog URL). 

The script is a workaround for gnokii not being able to set recurrence when
loading calendar events to Nokia Series 40 phones. It is designed to work
with data exported from Xfce's Orage calendar. It is at an early test stage,
please report any problems via comments to the blog entry (or this mailing
list if you consider the script to be gnokii-related).

AFAIK it works well enough for general use so test-by-usage would be very



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