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Re: smsd send time

From: alonso
Subject: Re: smsd send time
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 17:50:44 -0600
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On 07/26/2012 04:24 PM, Jan Derfinak wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jul 2012, alonso wrote:
>> same time.  There should be a database commit right after sending so the
>> lock on the outbox table is released, right?
> Try this patch and let me know result.
> Jan

The line   gn_sms_default_submit (&sms);    is just sending the message
or does it potentially also check for received messages?

Lets say that smsd for some reason dies at that line. Let me know if
this would be the expected behavior:

Without the patch, the record in the outbox remains unchanged. So when
smsd starts again it would try to send it again. This would result in a
correct send or a duplicate send depending on whatever happened in the
initial try.

With the patch, the record is set to processed=1 so when smsd starts
again it will not try to send it. This would result in a correct send or
no send.


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