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Re: Handling large numbers of SMS and other problems with Nokia 3500c

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Handling large numbers of SMS and other problems with Nokia 3500c
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2013 15:25:08 +0100

2013/1/11 Krylov Ivan <address@hidden>:

> I'm a user of Nokia 3500c. I usually write and receive lots of messages and
> tend not to delete them until phone's memory is full.

that's not the use case for which we tested the code

> Some days ago I thought that slower phone startup can be caused by
> unusually big number of messages being in the phone memory

from my experience that's the cause
with 1000 message my Nokia 5300 is slow on startup, but still faster
than libgnokii which takes about 300ms to list each message (so that
it takes about 5 minutes to list 1000 messages and that's why we put
an arbitrary limit of 1024, and without user feedback waiting 5
minutes is way too long to wait)

> First of all, 3500 classic doesn't allow SMS reading or writing through
> AT-commands, so I set up priviledges for libusb:

that's right

> Tweaking NK6510_GETFILELIST_TIMEOUT on line 209 from 500 to 9500 in
> include/phones/nk6510.h of the latest git snapshot made me able to list the
> messages, but the program noted that values more than 1024 are very strange
> for it and asked to report a bug (file: gnokii.9500.log.gz).
> What modifications should be done to make Gnokii handle large numbers of
> messages properly?

keep NK6510_GETFILELIST_TIMEOUT at 500 and increase
NK6510_FILE_CACHE_TIMEOUT from 10 seconds to how long it takes to list
them (for OU it's at least 300 / 1000  * 2528 ~= 759, so maybe 15
minutes * 60 = 900 could work)

include/phones/nk6510.h:208:#define NK6510_FILE_CACHE_TIMEOUT   10      /* 
seconds */
include/phones/nk6510.h:209:#define NK6510_GETFILELIST_TIMEOUT  500     /*
miliseconds */

> By the way, I have not been able to get the messages from my phone.

because in IN and in OU you have more messages than what the static
array allows, if you save a message in drafts you should be able to
read it from DR memory without changing libgnokii

for more messages change
include/gnokii/sms.h:42:#define GN_SMS_MESSAGE_MAX_NUMBER    1024

>  I also received
> "an error in the device handling code" and "phone returned short message" a
> few times, and did not save these logs too, unfortunately.

if they were caused by unhandled frames you should find them in

Daniele Forsi

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