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Re: [PATCH] Fix fix false positive "Misconfiguration in the phone table

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix fix false positive "Misconfiguration in the phone table detected."
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 09:35:43 +0100

Hello Ladislav,

thank you for your work on gnokii.

> Fixes: 760f9f070 ("Fix false positive "Misconfiguration in the phone table 
> detected."")

this patch should be rejected because the code works as intended, for
a too lengthy :-) explanation see below.

Did you test this change? Please don't change the code that you can test.

>                 error = NK6510_GetSMSFolders_S40_30(data, state);
> -               if (error == GN_ERR_NONE) {
> +               if (error) {
>                         dprintf("Misconfiguration in the phone table 
> detected.\nPlease report to gnokii ml (\n");
>                         dprintf("Model %s (%s) is series40 3rd+ Edition.\n", 
> DRVINSTANCE(state)->pm->product_name, DRVINSTANCE(state)->pm->model);
>                         DRVINSTANCE(state)->pm->flags |= PM_DEFAULT_S40_3RD;

that logic is also present in other parts of that source file and
handles situations like this:
1) user owns a Series 40 3rd Edition phone (I tested this with a Nokia
5300 at that time, not today)
2) user configured gnokii with model=6510 (which works form most
commands also for Series 40 3rd)
3) user issued a command that resulted in a call to GetSMSFolders
which sent the nk6510 FBUS command to the phone
4) that FBUS command was NOT handled by the phone in use and it
returned an error
5) then libgnokii tried the series40 FBUS command that succeeded (so
the check error == GN_ERR_NONE is correct)
6) libgnokii asked the user to report something to this mailing list
so tha we could add the flag PM_DEFAULT_S40_3RD for that phone in the
next version of libgnokii, this will result in a slightly faster
execution of the command and reduces the chance of unintended side

I think that the user can add the flag DEFAULT_S40_3RD in the [flags]
section of its copy of gnokiirc since libgnokii 0.6.30 to avoid
triggering this logic

Daniele Forsi

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