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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: more speed improvements

From: Miles Bader
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: more speed improvements
Date: 15 Sep 2003 09:59:58 +0900

With these changes I don't see much improvement on the emacs source tree
-- with inode-state, `tla what-changed' now takes about 24s with a cold
disk cache (vs. 30s yesterday).  It's about a 3x improvement over the
non-inode-state time, which is good, but still slightly frustrating.

I also saw what seemed to be strange results with the tla source tree:
it was taking _longer_ than emacs, even though it's only about 5% the
size!  However I then noticed that tla has a _massive_ number of
patch-logs, meaning the physical source tree is much bigger than the
nominal source tree.

Here's a summary of my test results; neither of these source trees had
any changed files, so the inode-state should be maximally useful.  I
figured out how to clear the disk cache reliably (my little cache-
clearing program had a _bug_!), so these should be more reliable than

                         Counts[2]        NO inode state     W/inode state
Tree           Size  files xtgs plogs    cold   hot  ucpu   cold   hot  ucpu
-------------  ----  ----- ---- -----    ----  ----  ----   ----  ----  ----
tla             4MB    451   10 1,224    0:33  0:09  8.4s   0:13  0:08  8.3s
emacs-lexbind  77MB  2,138  391    66    1:42  0:07  5.5s   0:24  0:04  3.7s

[1] cold = disk cache flushed, hot = source tree in disk cache, ucpu = user cpu
[2] files = number of source files according to `tla inventory -s'
    xtags = number of explicitly tagged files
    plogs = number of patch-logs (NOT included in `files')

I briefly glanced at the output of `strace' and it seemed like there
were way too many files being read, even now; I'm going to look at it
more later.


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