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RE: [Gnu-arch-users] Arch On Cygwin(Win32)

From: Robert Collins
Subject: RE: [Gnu-arch-users] Arch On Cygwin(Win32)
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 07:04:15 +1100

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 02:38, Parker, Ron wrote:
> > From: Robert Collins [mailto:address@hidden
> > stat in cygwin is implemented via FindFirstFile, and long path support
> > is already covered in the patch Ron and I are trading back and forth.
> It may be a little while before we are able to get this integrated.  I made
> sure not to grant my employer rights to the software I work on when they
> hired me.  Nonetheless, Red Hat needs a disclaimer from them before they can
> accept my patches. 

Yes, this is usual for anything though, so not to worry.

I think we should <temporarily> ignore Chris and Corinnas concerns re
thunking vs hacking the loader and get a patch that is
a) stable
b) leverages pathconf to reduce repeated overheads
c) sets PATH_MAX
d) stable

And that'll involve us having a setup mirror I think, to get some
testing: we'll want new copies of tar bash and ash for example.

Once the thing has shown itself, we can do some perf testing - opening
1000 files for instance, and see what the overhead is. Personally, I
think it will be zero, as FindFirst et al go through a kernel trapdoor.


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