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[Gnu-arch-users] Caching (was: GNU Arch review - am I accurate?)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Caching (was: GNU Arch review - am I accurate?)
Date: 08 Mar 2004 08:56:19 -0500
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David> * Is anyone currently working on automated caching?
> For what purpose?

Performance and offline work?

> There is currently mirrors which serves:
> * backups.
> * faster access.
> * off line access, eg. laptop computers.

Mirrors are not at all automatic.  A far cry from a "cache".

> There is also revision libraries (and pristine trees) which serves:
> * faster speed for some operations.

And also offline work.  That's closer but:
- You have to set it up manually (which is not that bad since it's only
  done once, but still: it should be setup automatically with a sensible
- It does not cache patches.
- It does not cache some other meta data (not sure which, but when I do
  `tla build-config ...tla-1.2' tla somehow needs to access the network
  and check some patches's sigs even when all the trees's revisions are
  in the revlib).
- It is not automatically flushed to prevent unbounded growth.


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