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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Bounty for tla on win32

From: Johannes Berg
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Bounty for tla on win32
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 04:15:11 +0200

> One of the big things for path compression would be to support the
> alternative naming scheme. So instead of requiring
> category/category--branch/category--branch--version/... you could just
> do category/branch/version, as at least for my projects, the category is
> very long, and repeating it 3 times is fairly expensive.

How long is 'very long'? My longest category name has 17 characters.
The longest path in my archive is:
which has 201 characters. I'm not sure adding a new archive format is
really worth it. If you need to shave off a few characters, make a new
drive with subst and put the archive there, that should work (if not, do
a network export and remount on the same machine, that really should
work). In that case it cuts down to:
Which is 142 characters. Since the category is present 4x, the branch 3x
that allows you to add 29 more characters to the category name, or 39
more characters to the branch name (you can have 260 in total).
I don't know how long your names are, but this doesn't make me think a
new archive layout is really really needed.

> This seems like
> you could have a check, so that if there is a '--' in the name, then
> you know it is category--branch, and if it's not there, it is branch.
> I know it was mentioned that the code is simpler the other way, but it
> really eats up a lot of space.

Not quite as easy, because dada--1.2.3 is a valid package name. And you
can have 'dada--dada--1' and 'dada--1' in the same archive, different

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