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RE: [Gnu-arch-users] Problems installing tla on FreeBSD

From: Parker, Ron
Subject: RE: [Gnu-arch-users] Problems installing tla on FreeBSD
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 09:27:26 -0600

> From: Parker, Ron 

> > From: Tom Lord [mailto:address@hidden

> > Can you double check whether the version of patch 
> > you are trying to configure with does or does not 
> > support that option?
> SFU's preinstalled patch does not.  The one I am using does.  
> I will have to wait until tomorrow to do a manual test and 
> see if it is working.

Well, I just ran a little test, I compiled and ran this:

        #include <stdio.h>

        int main()
        FILE *one, *two;

        one = fopen("one", "w");
        fprintf(one, "one\n");
        two = fopen("two", "w");
        fprintf(two, "one");

After executing it, diff does what I expect:

        $ diff -u one two
        --- one Wed Mar 31 09:23:01 2004
        +++ two Wed Mar 31 09:23:01 2004
        @@ -1 +1 @@
        \ No newline at end of file

then doing a:

        $ diff -u one two|gpatch --posix

works, removing the newline from the end of file one.  I also reversed the
situation, diffing the other direction and it worked as well, adding the
newline to file two.

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