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[Gnu-arch-users] library or revisions ??!!!

From: alexis
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] library or revisions ??!!!
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 14:26:52 +0200
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Perhaps I am going to be crazy but when I do the commands :

tla make-archive address@hidden /var/arch/archives/2004--01
/var/arch/library && tla my-revision-library --add !$

tla my-default-archiv
e rootdave@   
tla archive-setup ungi-print-server--principale--1.4

cd /var/arch/projets/ungips
tla init-tree ungi-print-server--principale--1.4
tla tree-lint -t |tla add
tla import --setup
vi `tla make-log`

on one server and do the same on other server2

I'v got

%tla get address@hidden/ungi-print-server--principale--1.4--bbase-0 ungips

:~/arch/projets % tla get address@hidden/ungi-print-server--principale--1.4--base-0< ungips

* from revision library: address@hidden/ungi-print-server--principale--1.4--base-0<

* tree version set address@hidden/ungi-print-server--principale--1.4
%ls  ungips
[just {arch}]


%tla get address@hidden/ungi-print-server--principale--11.4--base-0 ungips

:~/arch/projets % tla get address@hidden/ungi-print-server--conseileurope--1.4--base-0 ungips_CE

* from import revision: address@hidden/ungi-print-server--conseileurope--1.4--base-0

* making pristine copy

* tree version set address@hidden/ungi-print-server--conseileurope--1.4
%ls ungips
[all file are there]



Do you have a solution ?

In addition, I have some tgz or png file, it's not source file but I would like get these file by tla get.
It's also tla add file.png ? An type is Precious file ?
(For the moment, we have source, Precious file, Junk file, unrecognized)

Thanks  in advance

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