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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: How does arch/tla handle encodings?

From: Aaron Bentley
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: How does arch/tla handle encodings?
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 14:55:04 -0400
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Tom Lord wrote:

My gosh: programmers should really learn to use big windows and the
tiniest fonts they can read.   The more information you compress on
to the screen (or page) -- the better off you are.

I prefer my columns of text to be no more than half the width of the screen. I find them easier to read that way, but that's just preference.

    > I'd been assuming something wider, based on code I looked at,
    > but your changes seem to wrap nicely in an 80-char terminal.

What editor do you use?  If the breaks don't go in insane place, plus
with the "harmonics" in my preferred 160..240 vs. 80-character lines
.... what you describe is a hardly surprising and happy accident.

I use gvim, but I was looking at diffs in a terminal. The changes were mostly to function declarations, so I now see why.


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