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[Gnu-arch-users] GNU Arch 2.0 -- first source

From: Thomas Lord
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] GNU Arch 2.0 -- first source
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 13:57:46 -0700

btw -- is sending html-formatted email hopelessly antisocial, especially on gnu-arch-dev?   I typically hate it myself but that's mostly because it's usually spam.....

The first source release and some very early documentation for Arch 2.0 ("revc") is now ready!

        Web page: <>

        Source: <>

        Source (tar bundle) SHA1: 9c279f78e57a99d517ccf5b983960620ff6f2cf7

        Source (tar bundle) size: 1732018

Some highlights:  revc has only 10 core commands;  there are about 165 functions; the source code is literally about 14K lines and is closer to 10K lines if you subtract out non-code boilerplate.

User complaints about tla 1.x being addressed in revc:

inventory is too complicated -- but is drastically simplified (almost eliminated) in 2.0

we hate the funny filenames -- 2.0 requires only a single .revc directory and you aren't expected to edit any files there.  No more {arch}, {arch}/=tagging-method, or deeply nested project-tree logs

the namespace blows -- 2.0 allows just about any revision name that doesn't contain a slash character.  There is a moderate limit on the length of a revision name.

all this stuff about registering archives and making mirrors is hard to learn -- and, in 2.0, it's all gone.  You can use rsync to mirror stuff, for starters.  And all archives are anonymous -- there's no longer any such thing as an archive name.

too much is too slow -- although the 2.0 code isn't especially optimized yet, it seems to be hella snappy.

2.0 is very much git influenced but it brings some (imo significant) improvements to the table.


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