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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: Re: Future of GNU Arch, bazaar and bazaar-ng ... ?

From: martin f krafft
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: Re: Future of GNU Arch, bazaar and bazaar-ng ... ?
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 13:41:25 +0200
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also sprach Aldrik KLEBER <address@hidden> [2005.08.22.1220 +0200]:
> > I am probably only one of many in this situation, but I have rather
> > complex needs for an SCM.
> What are your specific needs in SCM ?

Branching branching branching and easy way to keep track of it.
Furthermore, usability is a major concern since I am fortunate
enough to be working with real users (who have no way of
understanding baz to the point of using it, it's just too
confusing). I guess it's the usability which makes it really hard.
My complex needs for an SCM are mainly intuitive interfaces.

Also, I often end up making a mess of my repository and would like
to be able to commit revisions by cherry-picking changes/hunks.
darcs does this very nicely.

So if I made two changes to a file, I can commit once and select
only the first hunk, then commit again and let it write the second
hunk to the archive.

While on darcs, the way it allows you to commit changes to the
upstream is just wonderful.

Another thing I am completely missing from baz is better/more
flexibly/scalable hook support. Maybe pqm takes care of that.
I would like to be able to manage my hook scripts as part of the

I also need flexible means to assemble multiple checkouts into
a single hierarchy. build-configs are too cumbersome for this.
I would like to be able to do SVN-style subcheckouts, but smarter.

E.g. if I may assume that the variables $CATEGORY/$BRANCH/$VERSION
hold the data for the current checkout, I would like to be able to
store in the archive the desire that ./debian should always be
populated with debian-dir--$CATEGORY--$VERSION. Now, doing an update
in the root should also update such child checkouts.

Having an archive store a default directory name for checkouts would
be nice.

> bzr has been self-hosting since March 2005. It is expected to be
> mature enough to host Launchpad by October 2005, with an official
> Bazaar 2.0 release in the first quarter of 2006. 

This did read August 2005 at one point in time. :)

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