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ERC 5.1.3 released

From: Michael Olson
Subject: ERC 5.1.3 released
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 12:58:20 -0400
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I am pleased to announce the release of ERC 5.1.3.  ERC is a powerful,
modular, and extensible IRC client for Emacs.  The release is
available from your favorite GNU FTP mirror, and has been integrated
into the Emacs 22 source tree.  The URLs for this release on the
primary GNU FTP mirror are as follows.

Tarball ::

Zipfile ::


* Changes in ERC 5.1.3

** Fix use of /quote command with no initial whitespace.

** Make it possible to customize the colorization of the header line.
The `erc-header-line' face is used to color the header line.
The `erc-header-line-face-method' determines the method to use when
colorizing the header line.

** Add the new function `erc-handle-irc-url', which is a suitable
candidate to use for `url-irc-function'.  This permits some
integration of url.el and ERC.

** Fix several errors that occur when server or channel buffers are killed

** Fix toggling of flood control.

** Match the patterns in `erc-encoding-coding-alist' as regexps,
instead of verbatim text.  Also, match case-insensitively.

** The /SMV command has been removed, since we no longer have
meaningful module-specific version information.

** Fix a "(stringp nil)" error that can happen when doing /PART.

** Use a better example in the `erc-part-reason-various-alist'

** When using `erc-quit-reason-various' and `erc-part-reason-various'
and no matches are found, default to using the ERC version string
rather than "nil".

** Add the `list' and `page' modules to the `erc-modules' customize

** Changes to the ERC manual

*** Update the list of available modules.

*** Revise information about releases and development.

*** Provide a simpler example in the "Getting Started" chapter.

*** Fully document how to connect to an IRC server in the new
"Connecting" chapter.

** Changes and additions to modules

*** Autoaway (erc-autoaway.el)

**** Rename the `erc-autoaway-use-emacs-idle' option to

**** Add support for autoaway based on user idle time.
This is now the default.

**** If you set the AWAY status yourself, erc-autoaway will not
interfere by un-setting AWAY prematurely.

**** If you are set away while visiting a non-ERC buffer,
erc-autoaway used to fail in bringing the user back.  This is now

*** BBDB (erc-bbdb.el)

**** Add new option `erc-bbdb-electric-p', which determines whether
to make the BBDB buffer electric.  This defaults to not electric.

*** Button (erc-button.el)

**** Use <backtab> instead of <C-tab> for `erc-button-previous'.

*** Identd (erc-identd.el)

**** Fix a bug that involves starting the identd server.

**** Make this work with Emacs 22.

**** Provide a real ERC module named `identd'.

**** Don't create an extra buffer for the identd process.

*** Logging (erc-log.el)

**** By default, don't insert old logs when opening an ERC buffer.
This may be changed by customizing `erc-log-insert-log-on-open'.

**** New option `erc-log-write-after-send' determines whether the
log file will be written to after every sent message.  The default is
not to do this.

**** New option `erc-log-write-after-insert' determines whether the
log file will be written to when new text is added to a logged ERC
buffer.  The default is not to do this.  With this option and the
previous option, logging should no longer slow down ERC as much.

**** Default to saving buffers and queries on quit.
This may be changed by customizing the `erc-save-buffer-on-quit' and
`erc-save-queries-on-quit' options, respectively.

**** Only perform logging when the `logging' module is added to
`erc-modules'.  This prevents logging from being activated just by
loading the erc-log.el file, and makes logging act like other ERC

*** Programmable completion (erc-pcomplete.el)

**** Don't complete the user's current nickname.

Michael Olson -- FSF Associate Member #652 --
Interests: Emacs Lisp, text markup, protocols -- Jabber:
  /` |\ | | | IRC: #emacs, #hcoop, #muse, #PurdueLUG
 |_] | \| |_| Projects: Emacs, Muse, ERC, EMMS, Planner, ErBot, DVC

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