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Planner 3.41 released

From: Michael Olson
Subject: Planner 3.41 released
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 13:04:43 -0400
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I am pleased to announce (belatedly) the release of Planner version

Revision :: address@hidden/planner-el--devel--0--patch-54

Tarball  ::

Zipfile  ::

Planner NEWS --- History of user-visible changes

* Changes in Planner 3.41

** Bugfixes

*** Make planner-visit-link more robust.
*** Don't insert too many spaces around task number.
*** Fix lock up with old delegated task mark.
*** Make allout mode and Planner work better together by default.
*** planner-el.texi: Many updates and clarifications were added.
*** planner-appt: Fix highlighting in plan pages.
*** planner-authz: Work with latest changes in planner-publish.
*** planner-calendar: Fix many bugs and improve implementation.
Be sure to read the "Publishing Calendars" section of the manual for
details, as the common setup for Planner 3.40 will not work.
This feature should now be much easier to get working.
*** planner-calendar: If the current page is not a daypage,
default to publishing a calendar for today.
*** planner-gnus: Fix buggy browsing behavior.
*** planner-publish: Fix erroneous output at end of file.

** Compatibility fixes

*** planner-appt: Fix initialization for XEmacs.
*** planner-appt: For XEmacs, create a diary file if one does not exist.
*** planner-erc: Work with newer versions of ERC.
*** planner-psvn: Make this work with newer versions of psvn.el.

** New features

*** Display a helpful message if muse-project-alist is undefined.
*** New function `planner-tomorrow' returns the date for tomorrow.
*** planner-appt: New option `planner-appt-forthcoming-show-day-names-flag'
that indicates whether to show day names in forthcoming appointments.
*** planner-authz: Add planner-multi support.
*** planner-authz: Consider all of a note's links when building an
access list.
*** planner-authz: Only publish dependencies if they haven't already
been published.
*** planner-authz: Improve list handling.
*** planner-calendar: Make a <calendar> tag.
*** planner-calendar: Surround generated calendar with <div> tag.
*** planner-erc: Connect to an existing chat session when following a
link, if possible.
*** planner-id: Remove task IDs when publishing.
*** planner-publish: Enable multiple links with "categories" attribute.
*** planner-publish: Use <h2>, <h3>, etc. for headings.
*** planner-publish: Add default CSS elements for calendar, notes,
and diary sections.
*** planner-publish: Preserve line breaks when publishing diary section.
*** planner-report: Sort pages by plan page name.

** New files

*** planner-registry.el: Registry of URLs and Planner annotations.
*** planner-zoom.el: Navigate plan pages.

Michael Olson -- FSF Associate Member #652 --
Interests: Emacs Lisp, text markup, protocols -- Jabber:
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