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Speck - another minor Emacs mode for spell checking

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Speck - another minor Emacs mode for spell checking
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 14:29:53 +0200
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Speck is a minor Emacs mode for spell checking I wrote over the past
years.  It differs from the existing modes (ispell, flyspell) in the
following aspects:

   * Speck checks the spelling of a word if and only if the word is
     actually displayed in an Emacs window.  There are no separate
     commands to check the spelling of a single word, region, or the
     entire buffer.

   * Speck's operations are triggered by an idle timer.  In practice
     this means that spelling is checked only when you pause typing.

   * You can set up Speck to use different dictionaries for disjoint
     stretches of text in one and the same buffer.

   * Speck preserves dictionary and other settings on a per-buffer
     basis.  Hence you can check the spelling of several buffers
     simultaneously, without losing your settings or introducing
     mutual side-effects.

   * Dictionary and other settings can be saved to the file you're
     visiting and you can resume editing with restored settings.

Attached find Elisp source (speck.el), texinfo manual (speck.texi), and
two small example files.  You can give Speck a try by loading the source
file and typing M-x speck-mode in some text buffer.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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