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[ANN] vim-mode 0.3

From: Frank Fischer
Subject: [ANN] vim-mode 0.3
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 15:27:03 +0000 (UTC)
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This is an announcement of vim-mode 0.3. vim-mode is another
implementation of vi/vim-like key-bindings for Emacs. The
mercurial-repository is available at

Version 0.3 includes the following improvements:

- XEmacs support 
- marks 
- registers for macro-recording and yank/paste
- ex-mode 
- buffer-local key-bindings for all modes via
  `vim:local-nmap', `vim:local-omap', ...
- mouse-selection now enables visual-mode 
  * single-click -> character visual-mode
  * double-click -> word selection visual-mode
  * triple-click -> linewise visual-mode
  * quadruple-click -> block visual-mode
- visual-mode selection is passed to Emacs-commands which take
  a region-argument

Since most required features are now present, the plans
for the next versions include:

- bug-fixes
- implementation of missing commands/motion (text-objects)
- improved documentation
- more interactive search/substitude

Feel free to sent any comments, ideas, bug-reports...

Frank Fischer

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