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Re: updated CC mode support for PHP, JavaScript, C# support

From: Andreas Marschke
Subject: Re: updated CC mode support for PHP, JavaScript, C# support
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 15:49:06 -0000
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| Here's an update of support for PHP, JavaScript, and C# with CC mode.  I
| previously provided a patch, which was awkward to use, especially given
| the structure of CC mode, and was rejected as a contribution anyway.
| I've managed to convert it into an add-on which derives from CC mode,
| which I couldn't make work originally, but I haven't done much other
| than re-packaging it.
| This doesn't suffer from some problems people complain about with other
| JavaScript and PHP modes, but could use attention from people more
| interested in these languages.  It's still somewhat inconvenient to
| build, but see the reference to a compiled version in the commentary.

I thing it would be dead handy if you could split those up into one for
C# , one for PHP and one for JavaScript.
All these languages share common things with each other but still are
different in  some subtle and sometime not easily findable way. But
still distributing them seperately from each other could help picking
those up. especially since I myself haven't seen a proper highlighting
for C# in EMACS yet.

I will greatefully test and try out what you will provide with it.

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