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Re: nterm a vt100 emulator

From: Andreas Marschke
Subject: Re: nterm a vt100 emulator
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 15:49:07 -0000
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| Ivan Kanis <address@hidden> writes:
| > This a vt100 emulator for emacs. It has a lot of rough edges. As it
| > stands it passes the first 3 tests of vttest. I have another project
| > coming up so I won't be able to work on nterm for a while.
| >
| >
| We've already got two different terminal emulators in Emacs (with
| completely separate code bases); do we really want a third...?
| -Miles
TBH I tried to use both of the said term emulations in the past but
teminal.el isnt even usable in any way under Emacs23.1 due to an extreme
over load and writing all the color escapes which makes it unbarable to
read. Term though was relatively usable but still at times failed the
daily usable for me. Now  having dug deeper into different extensions to
emacs, I've found a quite usable and nice terminal emulator on called multi-term, which not only features the abillity of
being _finally_ able to run more than one terminal instance in emacs but
also a not soo bad code base and shortcut handling. This enabled me to
do some really good things not been able todo in native term.

Another terminal type existing inside emacs is eshell which seems to me
to be on the same league as terminal.


Andreas Marschke.

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