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mcomplete.el version 1.10 available

From: Minejima Yuji
Subject: mcomplete.el version 1.10 available
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2012 04:08:14 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

This is a bug fix release. (I-told-you-that-I-would-be-back release)

You can get it here.

;; Recommendation:
;; * Before using this package, try using the standard package 
;;   icomplete.el which is bundled with GNU Emacs.
;; * After using this package and you like it but you want more features like
;;   regexp matching. Try using icicles package.
;; This package enhances Emacs's minibuffer completion mechanism.
;; It tries to handle all minibuffer inputs.

;;; Change Log:

;; Version 1.10 (28 Sat 2012)
;; I just started using GNU Emacs(24.1) again.
;; * fix a bug where clicking on an item in *Completions* buffer emits an 
;;   error in the substring match mode.
;;   This error is due to the following reason:
;;   `choose-completion-delete-max-match' was made obsolete by
;;   `choose-completion-guess-base-position' on GNU Emacs as of 23.2.
;;   So I added defadvice for choose-completion-guess-base-position.

;; Features:
;;  * supports 2 completion methods (prefix and substring matching).
;;    Prefix matching is a straight forward method where the
;;    completion commands tries to match your input with the beginning
;;    of the possible completions.
;;    Substring matching is a completion method where all the
;;    completion commands work in terms of a substring of the
;;    possible completions.
;;    e.g.  "buffer" matches "backup-buffer", "buffer-name",
;;                                   ^^^^^^    ^^^^^^
;;          "exit-minibuffer", ...
;;                    ^^^^^^
;;    You can cycle through the completion methods by `C-n' and
;;    `C-p' in the minibuffer.
;;  * displays possible completion candidates in the minibuffer.
;;    e.g. When you enter `M-x apr', the minibuffer looks like
;;         the following:
;;         M-x apr[opos]{,-command,-documentation,-value,-zippy}
;;  * `RET' in the minibuffer picks the first candidate displayed.
;;    e.g. `M-x apr RET' selects `apropos' command (and execute it).
;;    You can cycle through the candidates by `C-s' and `C-r'.
;;    When you want to give the exact string you entered, use `M-RET'
;;    or `ESC RET'.
;;  * `C-c' in the minibuffer toggles case significance in completion.
;;  * supports faces (highlights the display).
;;  * supports customization per user command.

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