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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Introducing

From: jaromil
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Introducing
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 13:06:29 +0100
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re all,

i was  born in 1977  and grew  up in south  of Italy, later  living as
nomad around Europe,  Middle-East and Asia since 2000  (but never been
to Americas),  developing adopting and promoting  free software. while
being around i've established  several links as the " network"
which is  now 8 years  old: today we  keep in contact  several hackers
worldwide, all from heterogeneous backgrounds, all willing to focus on
development for the  freedom of speech (so free  software is a obvious

this document details better current intentions

you'll find further informations on my own activities in the base url

our  network  links  distribution  maintainers, hackers,  artists  and
activists,    who    are    involved    in   software    projects    (  )   as  well  activist   initiatives  as
((i))ndymedia,  ,  ,
M2M  radio and  some more  hacker gatherings
and art festivals -  we also collaborate with educational institutions
(that's how i make a  living myself) of either technical or humanistic
backgrounds, where we advocate interdisciplinary activities and use of
free software.  doesn't  aims at  becoming  a  business,  at monetizing  our
activity or sustaining people  involved: it shares a political mission
among   linked  people   to  fight   corporate   hegemony,  capitalist
prevarications  and neo-colonialism, especially  in crisis  areas.  we
see free/libre  software as  a non-competitive model  for development,
being  very keen to  merge and  link projects  when their  quality and
usefulness will  benefit, our objective  is not "being the  best", but
having better free tools for all, to  do what we need to do in our own

at present time the free  distribution I and I maintain is dyne:bolic,
written  from scratch  (with  some unique  features)  and focusing  on
multimedia production and computer recycling.  its manual is currently
being translated in  spanish by volunteers from Oaxaca,  a crisis zone
in southern  Mexico where  they need to  take advantage of  the strong
encryption  implemented  into  the  system, a  technology  i  strongly
encourage to include by default in all our OS implementations.

The Linux-libre kernel is more  recent than our latest d:b OS release,
so the  next one will surely  include this kernel and  our 3.0 release
should be based on Gnewsense and pure:dyne.

on my  own desktops i use  FREEEEE (BLAG 90k) and  Gnewsense, doing my
best to  study both  worlds (Debian and  Fedora). I'm  an enthusiastic
Emacs user and my favourite extension is muse-el by Michael Olson

at  present times  i'm mostly  busy with  development of  FreeJ, which
received  also  moderated  funding   here  in  Netherlands  where  i'm
currently living,  involving a larger group of  talented developers to
reach the point  when we have a software "vision  mixer" for online TV
production,  scriptable in  javascript,  python and  what not  (swig!)
FreeJ is one  of the few tools present in Debian  and other distros to
stream ogg/theora  video and  actually the only  one to do  live video
manipulation  at the same  time. My  dream is  one day  to be  able to
control FreeJ  from Emacs, a bit  like my friend Martin  is doing with
Gneve :)

something more  than a  year ago  i've applied to  be an  FSF speaker,
having good rhetoric skills and quite some success in advocating libre
software  in Asia  and Europe,  i keep  ears open  for any  advice and
better contact  with the wider  and well experienced  community around
the FSF, to contribute at my best to *our mission* ! yes, sometimes it
feels like being in "blues brothers" :)

thanks  for  setting  up   this  mailinglist!   i  really  needed  it,
esp. since Jebba pulled out  from development, i was mostly in contact
with him and always lacked some better touch with all of you guys


- -- 

jaromil, developer,

GPG: 779F E8B5 47C7 3A89 4112  64D0 7B64 3184 B534 0B5E
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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