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[GNU-linux-libre] Screenshots Of Free Distros In Action

From: Jason Self
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] Screenshots Of Free Distros In Action
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 00:34:59 -0400

Right now has a screenshot of Trisquel on the front page.
Perhaps it could be done a little differently to help promote free distros 
(I'm open to feedback about any of this):

(1) when a free distro makes a release, could show a screenshot
    "for a while", with a note that they just made a new release.

(2) every so often -- every month? every quarter? -- a different
    screenshot could be swapped in. So the new-release screenshot won't
    stick around forever.

(3) there could be a link to "gallery of free distro screenshots"
    so people can peruse them all, just for fun.

I'm writing to request screenshots from those who want to participate.

They don't need to be GUI-ified. It wouldn't necessarily be bad to show an 
Emacs window or shell or whatever once in a while. :)

Jason Self
GNU Chief Webmaster
GPG Key: 47486962

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