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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] review PureOS ISO

From: Zlatan Todoric
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] review PureOS ISO
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2016 16:15:25 +0200
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On 06/11/2016 03:45 AM, Julie Marchant wrote:
*  Your distro should not have users select official Debian GNU/Linux
repos. These repos have contrib and nonfree areas and many Debian
packages make it trivial easy to select the contrib and nonfree areas.
Users don't need to be prevented from manually adding repos, but your
distro shouldn't steer users toward Debian GNU/Linux repos, since Debian
GNU/Linux itself does not meet the GFDG.
We don't, our repos are:

deb  stretch main
deb  pureos main
deb  stretch/updates main

And we only have main in sync so adding contrib and non-free is not
This is what /etc/apt/sources.list contains in the PureOS I installed
from the ISO listed on Purism's page on PureOS:

deb  stretch/updates main
deb-src  stretch/updates main

There are no additional sources found in sources.list or sources.list.d.
The only other sources to be found are commented out, and they refer to
the Debian Stretch live CD.

Of course, you didn't try the ISO link we provided in initial mail which resolved all this.

Yes, people can go to  and fill bugs.
I don't see any mention of this on the website. It is also unclear which
repository is appropriate for such bug reports.

We are as mentioned undergoing a transition for new infrastructure and will make it clearly visible but I assume opening any kind of bug on github (even the one saying please make a repo for bug reports or whatever) shouldn't be an issue?

Other problems I have found:

The website does not include any policy I can find on what software can
be included in PureOS's repository. last part states that our base is Debian main. We will certainly tweak our website but this shouldn't affect PureOS (you can download it and check it - Free software).

If you type "man sources.list", you will find an example of a deb line
which includes Debian's contrib and non-free repositories.

I see how this could be seen problematic, but it can escalate to "Debian is not FSF endorsed" so we should strip promotion of such distribution in any way (which would be tedious job, and all Debian based distros would fail even Trisquel (Debian -> Ubuntu -> Trisquel). Notice that we can't and will not stop users installing whatever OS they want on their machine but with our repos they get only Free software. Btw, gNewSense has the same man page and yet it is endorsed.

Tor Browser is included. Tor Browser is libre, but it features an update
facility which is not controlled by the developers of PureOS (they are
delivered by the developers of Tor).

So this is a policy setup - you either choose to trust or not trust Free project. We choose to trust Tor in the same manner you can choose to not trust us. If nothing else - we are working on sandboxing it via Flatpak and we will see how that goes (in the end it is Free).

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