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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Proposal to revise FSDG to exclude SaaSS-only soft

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Proposal to revise FSDG to exclude SaaSS-only software clients
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 00:01:33 +0300
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* bill-auger <> [2021-04-14 23:24]:
> On Wed, 14 Apr 2021 19:10:18 +0300 Jean wrote:
> > he can make his own distribution policies and make distribution
> > better than then what FSDG requires it, just as Hyperbola
> > GNU/Linux-libre is doing it.
> it is not my distro - there is no "I", who makes policy for

OK, I wanted to say it as person or group, rather than he, it does not
matter what is written, that is what I wanted, I was speaking of all

> (correct me if im wrong) parabola is the only FSDG distro which:
> * supports ARM (very important for self-hosting and hobbyists)
> * supports RISC-V and POWER9 (libre hardware beyond thinkpads)
> * offers the choice of init-systems
> * offers privacy-enhanced builds of software,
>   in addition to the full-featured, FSDG-fit builds

Sounds good, I just don't have access to ARM, is it like Android
devices? I have recently installed Replicant on one.

> if some people value the extra things that hyperbola does,
> which no other distro does, then they can run hyperbola, and are
> entitled to the opinion that hyperbola is "better" - no distro
> can satisfy everyone - there is no objective: "_is_ better" -
> there is only: "that one suits me better"

It is always not objectively better. That is clear. People say their

> regardless of how awesome i think parabola is, i never miss an
> opportunity to suggest, that most people should _not_ run
> parabola as their primary system, but that an LTS distro
> probably suits them better

Of course not, I need developing edition, as that is how I get some
key software that helps in my life, like marble, gpxsee, QGIS, proj,
Emacs, latest PostgreSQL, etc.

What I personally need is Hyperbola style management and Parabola
style upgraded distribution.


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