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Re: Turning GNU into a bottom-up organization

From: Ruben Safir
Subject: Re: Turning GNU into a bottom-up organization
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 15:08:34 -0400
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<> writes:
> This is already solved. The GNU domain (and many copyrights and right to
> issue new versions of licenses etc.) is held by FSF.

<<Well, that covers quite a bit.  Not all of it, I assume.  That might be
enough for projects that live 100% in the domain, but not all
do.  The ones that do, just need to check that they really are, and the
ones that don't, need a plan.

But I still say that every project should ask themselves the question -
are they covered?  Do they need to do anything to protect their project
from disaster?

Knowing - even if it's the simple "we're 100% on" - is better
than sticking your head in the sand and finding out too late that you're

There are no disasaters.  There are just cheap politics.  It is all
under the GPL.  If you don't like what is happing, just fork it.

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