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Re: Turning GNU into a bottom-up organization

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Turning GNU into a bottom-up organization
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2019 15:33:51 -0400

   > The GNU project is not a porject that is suitable for a bottom-up
   > organization -- its mission, and only mission, is to see that the GNU
   > system is and keeps being free software.  This has been explained
   > ample of times.

   I don't see how bottom-up cannot get this. How different is this from
   Debian in that regard for instance?

Debian renegaded on their goal of being a 100% free software system,
they now include non-free software.  That is the danger, and it is
very much real.

   > > How can we be sure and how can we support both those who do agree
   > > to uphold our values, by assigning roles and delegating
   > > responsibilities, and those who just want to contribute.
   > It has worked for 30 years,

   No, I have been hearing about issues for 8 years already, i.e. as much
   time as I have actually been involved in the GNU project.

And I've been involved for 30 years...

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