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Re: indirectly recommends a proprietary service

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: indirectly recommends a proprietary service through the new Enigmail defaults
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2019 14:41:04 +0530
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* Dmitry Alexandrov <> [2019-10-29 14:26]:
> Jean Louis <> wrote:
> > * Dmitry Alexandrov <> [2019-10-28 17:53]:
> >> the SKS keyserver network — the de-facto standard for years — is not 
> >> [proprietary], it is a decentralized replicated network — like Usenet; 
> >> while, to carry on the analogy, is like Facebook.
> >
> > Yes, I would say it should be decentralized.
> I did not expect any other answer here — at libreplanet-discuss.  The 
> question is: what to do?  First of all, how to make that clear to those who 
> do not see any danger in the situation — like Werner Koch?
> > But I see the problem
> What problem?
> > and that problem is temporarily solved by that service.
> In any case, if thatʼs a ‘solution’, I have much better one: cease
> to use email and PGP, and switch to, say, WhatsApp.

Ah no, me no... never. And I tell people why I don't use those
proprietary services. I call them "spying networks abusing human
rights", that finds good reception.

Sorry, I am not understanding technicalities and not using Enigma
since very long time. Icedove or Thunderbird are for my use case
bloated and slow software. I cannot live without my good friendly

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