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Re: GNU Social Contract version 1.0

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: GNU Social Contract version 1.0
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 08:38:43 +0300
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* Andreas Enge <> [2020-02-15 11:29]:
> Hello all,
> just a public heads-up on progress on the GNU Social Contract.

That is misleading and misguiding as in last days, on this public and
official GNU mailing list it was announced that "GNU Social Contract"
is not authorized by GNU project, it is not GNU, and that you should
publish that it is not endorsed by GNU, and you should in my opinion
immediately remove the brand "GNU" from the website.

It is misleading to say "public heads-up" on a mailing list of GNU,
because it is not.

In my opinion, it would be better working on free software production
instead of wasting time of multiple people on this mailing list.

> Following our initially announced timeline, we had put online the
> first draft at the end of January.

It is misleading of the public on this mailing list, to say "we"
without saying that it is not official GNU and that your website is not endorsed by GNU project, neither affiliated with it.

> The goal of the document is to formulate a common core set of values
> for the GNU Project, on which we can jointly build to form a
> stronger community. It is both an agreement among us, GNU
> contributors, and a pledge to the broader free software
> community.

It is misleading to say so, as it was clearly rejected by many people
and rejections you did not publish on the domain which was not
authorized by GNU project: to speak on behalf of GNU

> We received a number of questions and suggestions on the first draft of the
> document, witnesses to our collective approach to shaping a document that
> can help us go forward together. We discussed all the input with great
> care; it is documented, together with the adopted resolutions, at:

As you have not published all the comments, the feedback is clearly
biased. You have accepted only what you like, and have not published
what you don't like.

Further, "resolutions" are normally conducted by voting, you have not
published who voted on what, thus making your own attitude very much
not transparent.

> The result of all this is version 1.0 of the GNU Social Contract, see

It was rejected by GNU and as you do not represent GNU project, you
should remove the word GNU from there.

> We believe that the outcome is an even snappier document, which lays out
> our common foundations even more clearly, and thank everyone of you who
> contributed to improving it.

It is misleading to say "we" on this mailing list if your website have
been already rejected by GNU project, as people may think that "we"
relate to official GNU, which is not the case.

Jean Louis

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