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Re: address@hidden: Please remove me from your address@hidden or address

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Please remove me from your address@hidden or address@hidden mailing lists
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 19:52:21 +0100

Le lundi 24 février 2020, 21:07:27 CET J.B. Nicholson a écrit :
> Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> > It isn't tolerated, but it is also something that those administrating
> > gnu-misc-discuss@ (or any GNU list) can do little about.  You've been
> > forcefully subscribed to another list, the GNU project is not in
> > control of it.  We cannot filter who sends what to you specifically
> > which is the case here.
> I'm not asking anyone but to do anything about it.

Good.  I wished he was more open to correction of that.  But he’s not ><

> He's the perpetrator and apparently he has decided to create problems
> for other people who have done him no harm.

Apparently it’s not related to harm to him, but he sincerely believes he’s 
a defensor of rms against anybody that he consider has harmed him.  And 
thus is happy to harm them…

So if you’re annoyed, there is unfortunately really nothing to do but 
spamfilters and/or taking this to the tribunal…  I guess US law don’t allow 
harassment does it?

But yeah harassment is a bad thing and I wish there were better technical 
and social tools against it (such as a free and decentralized software, 
that can be controlled by the users who want to protect themselves about 

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