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Re: address@hidden: Please remove me from your address@hidden or address

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Please remove me from your address@hidden or address@hidden mailing lists
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 20:21:22 +0100

Le mardi 25 février 2020, 20:16:03 CET Taylan Kammer a écrit :
> On 25.02.2020 19:59, Alexandre François Garreau wrote:
> > Le lundi 24 février 2020, 23:00:22 CET Taylan Kammer a écrit :
> >> Not sure how to best filter these.  Gmail doesn't seem to have
> >> anything
> >> built-in to filter by the real sender rather than From: field.  Not
> >> sure if Thunderbird does.
> >> 
> >> Tips appreciated. :-\
> > 
> > Use free software instead.  If a free software disappoint you you can
> > always ask someone to hack it so it doesn’t anymore.
> > 
> > Among free software for this I know and used: thunderbird (most
> > popular), KMail (specific to KDE), Evolution (to GNOME), ClawsMail
> > (both less specific and less famous), mutt (text-based and pretty
> > popular), Gnus (pretty popular inside GNU), rmail (same but simpler
> > and older, not a full- featured news-reader).
> > 
> > If you know other which are good don’t hesitate to tell.  It is normal
> > people on mailing-list one day or another get issues with mail
> > processing… it is good if we can help each other.
> Thanks for the tips.  In the short term I don't see myself switching to
> another mail provider for my main account

I didn’t talk about mail providers.  These weren’t mail *providers* but 
*software clients*.  The beauty of mail is that it’s an old and open 
standard so you can separate provider from implementation, client from 
server.  You can use any of these for gmail.

Actually free-software mail providers are something difficult to find, I 
don’t know any.  Some are listed of FSF websites, but they tend to either 
ask to pay, have unfair limitations, or non-free javascript for certain 
features, or several of those…

> but I guess I'll work on it
> when I find some free time.  I guess Thunderbird might be able to do it
> on the client level at least, but I frequently use my smartphone to read
> email nowadays...

Mmh… except for the fame of “Microsoft Outlook” under Windows (where 
thunderbird and emacs already work anyway) I don’t know any mail software 
on a proprietary OS… so unless you run GNU or BSD on your pocket computer 
I don’t really see what could be okay…

But ask people aknowledgable about your pocket OS and maybe they’ll know 
one that support filtering! (or search with a search engine? I don’t like 
that option but if you’re good at it you can find what you want)

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