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Re: Pentagon linked to shaming attack on RMS

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Re: Pentagon linked to shaming attack on RMS
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2021 17:47:02 -0500
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Daniel Pocock wrote:
On 03/04/2021 13:55, Jean Louis wrote:
* Jacob Bachmeyer <> [2021-04-03 05:17]:
Daniel Pocock wrote:
Its all in the last picture

Paul Tagliamonte, seconded the motion in Debian, with the co-founder of
Rebellion Defense and the top brass at the Pentagon.
I do not know where you are located, so perhaps you are unaware that that is
a fairly tenuous link in the USA -- the "military-industrial complex" that
President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech has grown very
large and the "revolving door" between government and private industry has
been long-lamented and long-pilloried.
After more careful review of the hyperlink, if that email is genuine,
it is in my opinion against the mentioned law 5 CFR § 2635.702 - Use
of public office for private gain.
I found an even stronger example, attached below.

While he was in the White House, he sent a strongly worded email
encouraging people to lynch Jacob Appelbaum, another US citizen, like Dr
Stallman.  It is copied below.

It does seem to be another instance of inciting a (thankfully virtual) lynch mob, yes.

Paul R. Tagliamonte was employed in the White House, US Digital Service
and Pentagon, Defense Digital Service from 2015 to 2019.  There are more
photos on the site now.

This takes in all of the following Debian conspiracies and it looks like
he was an active participant in all of them:

- public shaming of Jacob Appelbaum with falsified accusations

- Debian Christmas lynchings 2018, blackmailing Dr Norbert Preining to
make a forced confession early in 2019

- death of Lucy Wayland during the period that the fascists were
blackmailing Dr Preining

Tagliamonte has contributed to this toxic culture, the email below
proves it.  Now he added his weight to the lynching of Dr Stallman by
seconding the motion for a GR vote.  He does not appear to be a
Government employee right now but his firm is a defense contractor so it
is almost the same thing.

This suggests that Tagliamonte may be a proverbial "bad apple" but does not rule out the "rogue employee" option or suggest that Tagliamonte's lynch mob gathering activities had any sort of official sanction. It certainly does not actually link the DoD to Tagliamonte's activities -- USDS was part of the Executive Office of the President, not the military, and Tagliamonte only landed at a defense contractor after his trip through the "revolving door".

I read the coroner's report for Lucy Wayland.  She died far too young, 2
days before de Blanc gave her talk at FOSDEM about how to blackmail
people.  Wayland died from the type of accident that is much more likely
during a period of acute stress.  I can see somebody dying in similar
circumstances during the current lynching of Dr Stallman.  In both
cases, Molly de Blanc appears to be present.

So we have (possibly) another "bad apple" who seems to be consistently involved in stirring up lynch mobs within Debian. Is this other person also involved in the attacks on RMS?

When people write emails like this in Debian, they are impersonating a
police officer.  After all, they use words like "enforce", they make
verdicts, they make punishments.  There are real crimes and real victims.

Small point of order: please highlight the word "enforce" in the message you included, quoted below for convenience:

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: Jacob Appelbaum and harrassement
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 16:53:50 -0400
From: Paul R. Tagliamonte <>
To: Debian Private List <>

The DAM is not providing input into the criminal process.

The DAM will be providing input into who is and is not a Debian Project

A member who threatens the safety of others should be removed, if we
trust that it's an issue.

We have Debian project members who can substantiate these claims, and
do not feel safe.

Will we act to create a safe space for our members?

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 4:50 PM, Piotr Ożarowski <> wrote:
[Rhonda D'Vine, 2016-06-15]
 Come on.  Really?  Sorry, I consider your response pretty disgusting.
so if we see another email with a message that some DD (about whom we
might never heard before) will be expelled because there are "accusations"
out there, we should just respond with "burn him alive!"?

What if these accusations where not true? Don't we have courts for a
reason? Since when is DAM qualified to evaluate criminal evidence?

Don't get me wrong: I'm pretty sure I'd be demanding higher punishment
for rapists, murderers and other degenerates than most of you... but
AFTER proven guilty!

This is bad, and is an example of "crybully" tactics, especially the rhetoric about a "safe space" while completely ignoring the safety of someone who may well have been falsely accused. So we have classic "some are more equal than others" hypocrisy.

-- Jacob

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